Greenified Released



Our first app has been released to the Android market. The app is called Greenified, and it essentially helps you save power on your Android device, while also making the screen easier to look at during the night. This is done by applying a darker filter to the screen, to reduce the overall brightness further than the actual Android OS allows. Displaying brighter coloured pixels require more power, by reducing the brightness of the display at the LED level, a huge amount of power is saved.


Get it for Free at the Android Market.


  • I just started using Greenified for Android app on my Samsung Galaxy S III (Verizon i535) and don’t know if it’s made a difference or not. This phone has some built-in power saving features: Power Saving Mode and Auto Adjust Screen Tone. When I checked my battery usage today, the screen usage was 51% with Greenified turned on and with Greenified turned off. Shouldn’t there be a lower percentage with Greenified turned on? Otherwise, how can I tell whether it’s working?

    T N ReedySeptember 8, 2013

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