Current Bitcoin Price for Android!

Recently I updated my two sites, to make them more efficient. Instead of writing these in PHP and have them constantly poll my server which did the lookups and served the result, they have been redone in nodejs. The main push into doing so was the fact that my host locked out my account because I was “Using 25% of the servers CPU”, which apparently was too much. Now, this uses the MTGox streaming API and re-serves that. For Litecoin it still polls, but no more need to database the result and pass it back to the clients every few seconds. Using Express VHost I was able to serve both domains through one NodeJS application on a single .

Today, I have added a TCP socket server as part of the script. This allows my new Android application to connect and also stream data. It will only send the changed results through the socket, instead of all the data each time. I have put together a very simple Android application to interface with this.

I plan on open sourcing the application, as well as a full “Crypto API” when time becomes available.

Check it out on the Play Store:

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