CryptoTrack Open Sourced!

I decided to open source my Bitcoin Portfolio site CryptoTrack.

I haven’t had time recently to work on it, and I figured it would be best given to the community to expand on, continue developing, or simply to laugh at the mess.


Here is the link to the GitHub page where it can be found. If you make any substantial changes, feel free to let me know and maybe I’ll merge them into the live site!




  • Saw your open-source code, and installed it at with these steps;

    • Imported AccountStructure.sql

    • Imported Data+Structurs.sql into the same database

    • Altered config.pph accordingly

    It seemed to go smoothly, but I ran into a problem when trying to ADD ENTRY on the Account page. After entering the required input and then clicking ADD, the new entry does not appear.

    Can you tell me what I am doing wrong here?

    Jordan St JacquesDecember 6, 2013
    • Sorry for the late reply!
      That is extremely weird. I have just tried it and it is not working, even though the console reports a success.

      I have dug through my source, and save.php seems to be the issue. Line 36, change:
      mysql_query("INSERT INTO `currentbitcoin`.`track_entries` (`accountid` ,`currency`,`exchangeid` ,`amount` ,`boughtat`,`added`) VALUES ('$userid', '$coinid', '$exchange', '$coinamount', '$boughtat', '$time');");

      mysql_query("INSERT INTO `track_entries` (`accountid` ,`currency`,`exchangeid` ,`amount` ,`boughtat`,`added`) VALUES ('$userid', '$coinid', '$exchange', '$coinamount', '$boughtat', '$time');");

      Or rename your database to “currentbitcoin”. That should fix it up for you.

      Here is the fix on Github

      BrandonDecember 23, 2013
      • This worked……ok, thanks!

        Now, if only we could clean up those tables a bit lol.

        Jordan St JacquesDecember 26, 2013
  • Dear,

    Can you add support for dogecoin on

    Kind regards

    DanielJanuary 22, 2014
    • Added. Also added as a datasource.


      BrandonJanuary 23, 2014
      • Dear,

        Much thanks

        Kind regards

        DanielJanuary 23, 2014
  • Hi, any chance of adding ethereum to the cryptotracker? it would be an awesome addition 🙂

    ethereumMarch 9, 2016

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