– The Google Finance of Bitcoin!

Google Finance allows tracking overall gains on investments based on the purchase price, and the current market price. During my last post that announced and, one commenter said:

And what I’d really like would be similar to the chart view you can get through Google Finance. So the price of BTC over time, but matched up against major events, news stories and anything else that’s relevant.

And that’s exactly what I did. Over the last 2 days I quickly mashed together the beta version and here I announce it now. allows you to input multiple types of Crypto currencies and see live prices from multiple exchanges (more to come) and track your entire portfolio.

Registrations take just seconds, as no email verification or anything is required.

Just remember, it’s in the early stages, so expect things to not display right and to break!


So, head on over to CryptoTrack and start tracking your Bitcoins/Litecoins/Namecoins/Terracoins etc.


  • Could you add BBQcoin and Feathercoin?

    SimonMay 22, 2013

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