Current Bitcoin Price for Android!

Recently I updated my two sites, to make them more efficient. Instead of writing these in PHP and have them constantly poll my server which did the lookups and served the result, they have been redone in nodejs. The main push into doing so was the fact that my host locked out my account because […]

Is It Compromised – Instant Compromised Password Checker is a site I made last night. This site has a massive database of imported leaked password lists and allows you to enter a password and have it searched. Before your password is sent to the server, it is hashed client sided and compared against the database. You are then told if the site […]

NodeJS AdMob API

I was working on a script that would pull the total earnings between all my ad networks. Below is a NodeJS script to display your total earnings for the day between all your sites/apps. Only 3 variables need to be configured for it to work. //NodeJS Get Admob Todays Earnings // var request = require(‘request’); […]