CloudFlare: I’m Impressed!

I recently switched 3 of my newest sites over to CloudFlare to give it a try after I’ve heard so much about it. After just two days, I am impressed with that it has done for me. The screenshot below sums it up pretty well.   I most definatly plan on using CloudFlare for other […]

Small Mistake, Huge Tax Issues

When incorporating Beyondem, the papers asked me how many shares to issue myself. It made it clear that it didn’t really matter, 100, 1000, 10000, etc all meant 100% ownership. That being said, I wanted to give myself a number that looked nice on the share certificate, but also gave me room to play around […]


Welcome to Beyondem Inc. “Beyond Them”   We are a development company specializing in mobile and web applications. This blog will primarily be used for discussing our developments, as well as anything interesting going on around the web and/or world. The logos are currently being designed, and the website should form shape really quickly! Be […]