Current Bitcoin Price + Current Litecoin Price + Giveaway

With the rise of Bitcoin and Litecoin, I have created 2 websites to help track the up to the second prices. Not sure what bitcoin is? Checkout We Use Coins Bitcoin: Litecoin:   I will be opening up an API for these soon, to give raw access to these stats. Useful for importing into a […]

Small Mistake, Huge Tax Issues

When incorporating Beyondem, the papers asked me how many shares to issue myself. It made it clear that it didn’t really matter, 100, 1000, 10000, etc all meant 100% ownership. That being said, I wanted to give myself a number that looked nice on the share certificate, but also gave me room to play around […]

I Love Bootstrap!

So, Ive been playing around with Twitter Bootstrap and it is absolutely amazing. The layouts it provides, and the rapid deployment of websites. I am no visual designer, and trying to mash together a basic layout has always taken me longer than the full backend.   I definitely will be playing around with the bootstrap and using this for a […]


Welcome to Beyondem Inc. “Beyond Them”   We are a development company specializing in mobile and web applications. This blog will primarily be used for discussing our developments, as well as anything interesting going on around the web and/or world. The logos are currently being designed, and the website should form shape really quickly! Be […]