Current Bitcoin Price + Current Litecoin Price + Giveaway

With the rise of Bitcoin and Litecoin, I have created 2 websites to help track the up to the second prices. Not sure what bitcoin is? Checkout We Use Coins Bitcoin: Litecoin:   I will be opening up an API for these soon, to give raw access to these stats. Useful for importing into a […]

I Love Bootstrap!

So, Ive been playing around with Twitter Bootstrap and it is absolutely amazing. The layouts it provides, and the rapid deployment of websites. I am no visual designer, and trying to mash together a basic layout has always taken me longer than the full backend.   I definitely will be playing around with the bootstrap and using this for a […]


Welcome to Beyondem Inc. “Beyond Them”   We are a development company specializing in mobile and web applications. This blog will primarily be used for discussing our developments, as well as anything interesting going on around the web and/or world. The logos are currently being designed, and the website should form shape really quickly! Be […]