Current Bitcoin Price for Android!

Recently I updated my two sites, to make them more efficient. Instead of writing these in PHP and have them constantly poll my server which did the lookups and served the result, they have been redone in nodejs. The main push into doing so was the fact that my host locked out my account because […]

mPrinter Arrived!

Back in May I ordered a mPrinter. This started off as a Kickstarter project over a year ago. It has finally arrived after just over 3 months. From looking at the Kickstarter page, it looks like nobody has received theirs yet and are almost a year behind. The selection of prints is minimal, but I’ll […]

Is It Compromised – Instant Compromised Password Checker is a site I made last night. This site has a massive database of imported leaked password lists and allows you to enter a password and have it searched. Before your password is sent to the server, it is hashed client sided and compared against the database. You are then told if the site […]

NodeJS AdMob API

I was working on a script that would pull the total earnings between all my ad networks. Below is a NodeJS script to display your total earnings for the day between all your sites/apps. Only 3 variables need to be configured for it to work. //NodeJS Get Admob Todays Earnings // var request = require(‘request’); […]

Greenified Released

  Our first app has been released to the Android market. The app is called Greenified, and it essentially helps you save power on your Android device, while also making the screen easier to look at during the night. This is done by applying a darker filter to the screen, to reduce the overall brightness […]

CryptoTrack Open Sourced!

I decided to open source my Bitcoin Portfolio site CryptoTrack. I haven’t had time recently to work on it, and I figured it would be best given to the community to expand on, continue developing, or simply to laugh at the mess.   Here is the link to the GitHub page where it can be found. […]

Hacked Bitcoin Paper Wallet

Bitcoin Paper Wallets are a way of storing your Bitcoins in an offline wallet. They are useful for storing Bitcoins for a long period of time in a bank vault, or just handing them out offline. Earlier, I uploaded the picture below to Reddit. (Click here for the post)   I was just showing off […]

Python MultiThread Template

I work a lot with Python, from backend implementations consisting of thousands of lines of code, to simple scripts to get things done easier. I figured I would share my simple template for creating multi-threaded applications. This is very helpful for spawning off x number of threads to do the task you require, to get everything […]

CloudFlare: I’m Impressed!

I recently switched 3 of my newest sites over to CloudFlare to give it a try after I’ve heard so much about it. After just two days, I am impressed with that it has done for me. The screenshot below sums it up pretty well.   I most definatly plan on using CloudFlare for other […] – The Google Finance of Bitcoin!

Google Finance allows tracking overall gains on investments based on the purchase price, and the current market price. During my last post that announced and, one commenter said: And what I’d really like would be similar to the chart view you can get through Google Finance. So the price of BTC over time, but […]